HELLO Welcome to my 28mm Terminator MiniatureWargame Blog!

This blog will detail the creation of my Terminator 28mm wargame, which I have been working on for quite a while. As I’m writing this, the first Judgment Day took place 17 years 23 hours 16 mins 23 seconds ago, at 2:14am, August 29, 1997. SkyNet becomes self aware and launches the US missiles, both ICBM and some SLBM.

The time was changed when Sarah Connor, John Connor, Miles Dyson, and Terminator model 101 (for fans who want clarification, that’s one-october-one, series one, produced in the month of October, first model) destroyed the research facility for Cyberdyne systems, putting Judgment Day back to July 2004. Then again, following the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles storyline, Judgment Day was changed again, making three possible, distinct timelines. 

Some sub captains did not launch due to doubting the orders. They would not launch for days in some cases. Once they saw the war had for sure started, they then launched at prime, 2nd, and even 3rd targets in the USSR. If they had just believed the stories of the central SkyNet computer sending false intel about Soviet launches and having deemed all man her enemy, then maybe some of the horror starting August 29th could have been avoided. Some part of civilization might have been saved. But the Soviets were not much for understanding ;-( and guess you could not blame them and ask them just to take the loss. It really was too late.

Also many bombers and cruise missiles as well as some IRBMs hit their targets, both in the USSR the US as well as Europe and elsewhere. Everybody chose a side and joined in the nuclear game. The war went on, man against man, for a time. Until it was clear the war was not man to man, but man against machine! By then man was a desperate creature indeed! He now faced a war against a very technological superior foe!IMG_7064.JPGIMG_7070.JPG





IMG_7076.JPGAbove are some of my Terminator terrain. Much is left to be done so I hope you will join me as I go through the process of acquiring, building, painting and learning more of the World of Judgment Day Wars! Meaning the 3 or more different times of the war against the machines.

I have many fun add-ons in my own game. They are Human Traders (called the W.A.S.H.), Human Elite Troops that will stop at nothing to destroy the machines. Animals and plants that have by radiation and genetic work become monsters. I don’t want too much of this in the game; I feel it’s fun to add in, but not overdo it. And types of bio weapons made by SkyNet. I’ll go in depth in all of my add-ons. I will also be trying to bring all who are working on Terminator Judgment Day games together. So please let me know what you think? And if you are working on T.J.D. games please let me know. I’ll put a link to your site here or any Terminator gaming I find. [:-|] Thanks, Grey

IMG_7256.JPG Hi! This is a very cool picture from the Terminator movie. It gives you an idea of what I’m shooting for in my own Terminator game.


IMG_7926.JPG Here are two pictures of the cars, both from T2 movie and my cars of the dead! So far I have a few good ones. I’m pretty happy with my rust mix. I’m still working on some better ruined cars. Some are made from 1/43 1/45 1/48 and even 1/50 1/55, the scales I find have worked ok together so far. Some are diecast, some are resin, some are just homemade hand carved and foil copies.

I’ll be posting the foil copy site soon. It’s a great help for mass ruined vehicles. I learned this from a great fellow at Historicon classes in the painting room. If you have never gone to the Cons’ painting rooms for classes I must say THEY ARE AWESOME, VERY NICE FOLKS taking time from their games, shopping , speakers , etc. to teach some really great stuff! Please if you go there to any HMGS East Cons, check it out! It’s great fun for you, friends and family. Very kid friendly! Ok well, I’LL BE BACK with more fun Terminator game stuff! [:-|]


IMG_7937.JPG Here


IMG_7077.JPGHere is a great picture of a T2 car of the dead, and here are some pictures of my car of the dead. My car is a diecast car from Matsio. It’s 1/48. I find this the best scale for 28mm miniatures. I find having any good cheap constant source in my area for any 28mm diecast is impossible. I have gotten some at Ollie’s, Big Lots, Rose’s, 5Below, my local hobby store (only one close at all) and very few at Kmart, less at Walmart, Ross’s, Salvation Army and thrift stores and Dollar stores. I do prefer to go to a store, buy it off the shelves (I’m old fashioned that way). If you know of a good cheap source for any 28mm, please let me know and post link here for others. Thanks! [:-|]
IMG_7940.JPG Hi! This is one of my Human Armored Civilian Cars. I call them A.C.C.s


IMG_7995.JPG Here are more great pics from the Terminator movies. The up-armored pickup is from T2; the armed car is from T1. The humans of Techcom use whatever assets they can dig up. In my battle it’s mid-war for the humans in this battle. I’m working on this battle in the Art district of L.A. where there are many older buildings. The humans under John Connor have put together a large force. It will have a lot of valuable Techcom assets. This was called in my world story, The Battle of the Four Horsemen. I’ll go into this more in detail later[:-|].


IMG_8141.JPGHere are two more pics. The top picture is from Terminator Salvation, the bottom picture is from Terminator 2 Judgment Day. The first one shows Early War before the founding of TechCom. The second is end of the war. If it really ends the timelines are many. In the Sarah Connor Chronicles (which myself and family love so I’m putting it in as best I can to blend with the movies) included at least 3 maybe 4 timelines. As in the movies there is much timeline deviation. I could see a timeline where SkyNet does not lose to TechCom and John Connor, at least not until much longer in the future. Maybe his son will help win the war, or grandson or daughter? Some fun gaming to think on. [:-|] southavenwargames.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/img_8129.jpg”>IMG_8129.JPG

IMG_8117.JPG Some good pictures of the father of John Connor, Kyle Reese, TechCom Sgt. Serial # DN38416. Little did this hero know he would father the very same older friend that would send him to meet and fall deeper in love with Sarah Connor. For he said in the movie T1 he already had fallen in love with her via pictures and stories told him of the legend Sarah Connor. John also knew he was sending his father to his certain death! Or maybe in some other timeline he thinks of a clever way to save him?? After all, there seems to be a lot more time hopping than was told there could be in the first movie. A lot more time hopping ! [;-|]


IMG_8135.JPGFew more cool pictures of Kyle Reese. Gives us a great look at the uniform for painting.

This is my friend Mike’s Terminator page. It is an awesome page and he has done a great job. He also has some other things like his Greyskull game items. Check it out! I welcome any connections involving Terminator movie or TV but particularly wargaming. All comments welcome!


Hey friends, thanks for coming! Please keep coming back. I’m having a bit of a problem getting all things online, as I’m sure you see. I will fix this and I’ll keep posting Terminator Wargaming items! Later on the blog will add some other wargaming info. Other timeframes in historical wargaming like Old West, more Sci-Fi, some fantasy. Thanks! Greyson Plz check back, I’m working on this over the weekend.