Terminator T-600 work. [:-|]

Hi! Here is my first T-600 converted miniature. I will be making at least one squad of the older T-600 rubber skin men.




<img src="https://

IMG_8333.JPGHi! For my T-600 model Terminator I used a miniature from HorrorClix The Lab (named Vat Grown Clone). Here is the picture of it plain as it comes out of the box. I love the HorrorClix for many great reasons! #1 They can be found cheap very often and still in bricks or cases sometimes! #2 You can use them for a lot of modern and Sci-fi Horror uses: Terminators, Post Apocalyptic, Zombies, Monsters… And there are a lot of great minis in their lines! Hero Clix, HorrorClix, etc. Do look them up. Little paint work, a new base, Bam! A new, great looking miniature 🙂

Anyhow these guys look very plastic skinned to me. I tried (not very well sadly) to keep the plastic skin look. I messed with eyes, tore the skin, had to match paint, it was not easy. I also added some bits of old, very thin cloth bandage to make torn clothing. I also used this on my car dead. But anyhow, I think he looks good! I placed an AK-47 gun from Wargames Factory in his left hand. I left the big (crazy guy I’ll kill youuuu!) knife in his right hand, more bloody though. I also cut the stock off the AK-47 to make it fit better. I put a little rust on the knife and gun to show wear! He might not be keeping weapons up well? I do think though that if he were working 100% or close, he would never let his equipment get rusty. After all, these are very high tech killing machines. They would not like jamming guns any more than any smart soldier would.

Well please look for the modern Human Male/Female and Zombie Male/Female sets from Wargames Factory. They are a great price and lots of nice add-on stuff such as canteens, backpacks, ammo pouches, sheathed knives, etc. My guy has a canteen with a bullet hole and an ammo pouch, maybe a few tools to help fix himself up. The base is from Wargames Factory. It’s a round 20 mm base. Also I added bits of carved plaster and carved plaster to look like a skull (sorry the pic’s not great, I’ll work on that). It was just a piece of plaster that looked easy to make into a half crushed skull. The little bit of rusted L beam on the back is just a bit of handle of a plastic fork! I will go into making nice modern building frames like I, H, U and L beams:-) And I have also found the Zombies from Wargames Factory and others are going to make super nice emaciated, live humans living in the ruins of a post J-Day world. Just fill in holes here and there, very easy to fill with paint even or putty, or glue. Most can be made to look like living, skinny humans with torn clothes, right out of the box after gluing them together. Something for our human heroes to save! Maybe so many victory points added for saving the poor folks from SkyNet death camps, and labs. After all the more people left, the more to make soldiers, build weapons, find food and clean water, and make babies. Without them it’s over anyway. Plus it’s just the right thing to do if you can. They are somebody’s friend, family, or just poor humans needing heroes! [;-)]. I will add links to above items later.

IMG_8136.JPGHi! Here is a great Terminator picture. I believe this is a T-600 or maybe a T-700 or newer model 1o1, or T-800 as they are called later, I’m thinking, due to seeing the eyes glowing red without face damage. I’m thinking he is a T-600, after all he did not even try to get past the door security before he opened up. This scene was a lot bigger in the T-1 movie. It had John Conner at a strategy meeting and Kyle was taking away wounded. I wish I could see this scene; I’m hoping it’s out there. Anyhow this is one of my favorite Terminator movie scenes. The way this Terminator goes to his work very systematically. I love it! Very powerful scene I think!

Anyhow a friend of mine I hope will be showing how he makes this guy in miniature. I’ll post it later.

By the way, the actor that did this super scene is named Franco Columbu! He is good friends with Mr. Schwarzenegger and was also in Conan (another great set of movies). I think the way he did this little part is very well done! It’s one of the things you left the theater with. He just had a Birthday Aug. 17, a late Happy Birthday to our future Terminator! Really the only one we see in the movies doing what his model was meant to do, infiltrator!

IMG_8147.JPG A little better close up our future Terminator as he has come to be called. Note he does seem to have a uniform on. I’m hoping to make this guy myself. I hope he will look half as good as this screen shot.


IMG_8304.JPGHi! Here are two more of my T-600 model. He is standing on a rubble field I made using bits of old plastic and plaster carved to look like concrete, and Wargames Factory skeletons. The packs are great, they have a lot of extra skulls and arms for just this kind of fun add on[:-|]

IMG_7922.JPG Hi! Just wanted to put out few more helpful pics of T-600. This is a handsome older gent. Trying to keep up with the shiny, fancy, younger models. Well, he sure gives it a good go in T4 movie. Our aging, out-on-the-town fellow is not out of the fight just yet! He is sporting a very nice mini gun in the right hand with back pack, ammo feed, and under his left arm he has (what I believe) is an early model heavy plasma support weapon hooked to a power pack located in back. If he could smile with what’s left of his rather ruined plastic face,
he would. I do hope our hard fighting hero will not be forgotten by SkyNet and given a commendation for his valiant activities against the Resistance. [:-/]

(In case you did not know this is a Terminator Head/Face [:-|] not broken [:-/] broken. Just lil fun at end of each lil post. I’ll put more good pictures of T-600 up. Thanks! [:-)]


IMG_8550.JPG Here are more good pics. I’m going to try and take a zombie head/body from my old War-games Factory set. And play with making some T-600s.

IMG_8551.JPG These great pictures are for helping you in making your own 28mm, 20mm, 15mm, or even 12/10mm Terminators for your own personal use. Some are movie pics, some are from awesome toy manufacturers. I’ll be putting links and any credits where they are due later. But for now, hope you will start your own Terminator Miniature Wargame. T-600 would be happy if you did (he really likes you! He will leave you for last!) He is so considerate, his MaMa SkyNet taught him even though he is a Mass Killer he does not have to be rude. [:-/]

IMG_8549.JPG Here is very cool toy. I found that when I have been looking for pictures of, say Kyle Reese, that it was not easy to find pics. 😦 But I did find really well made toy pictures. If you are looking around for good pics to help build, paint, etc., places like Hot Toys and others are a big help. They have already done the research. Colors may not be just perfect, or guns not exactly right, but I have found them a help. If you have the money to get some of these super collectables, display them and use them in your painting, etc. You can even put them out for looks near your game. Say you had your gaming group over and a T-600 guarding your crisps/chips table? Anyhow something to think on.

I have a lot of the Terminator Salvation toys; I really like them. The T-1, I got a few of them in a discount dollar store. And my son loves the others he got in a Dollar Tree for $1 each. He took them and made his own 4-inch game. It’s super! He added bits from other lines like Star Wars, The Core ( kind of like old GI Joe 4-inch figures) and GI Joe and others. He made a great game and it looks very cool. I’ll post pictures of his next game.[:-)] Hey, you can still find cases of them for a great price if you wanted a BIG Terminator game. It does look great and it’s very fun. My son’s game is platoon level. He made and got some real nice buildings, vehicles, weapons packs and so on. It’s a lot of fun for any age! If you have a young wargamer, give it a try! Find a case of the 4-inch figures on eBay for about $25! Great start squad level, a few foamcore ruins, bits of plaster, nice grey felt from Walmart (if they have cloth), dice, a few of his/her friends. Each gets one or two figures, some pop, chips, some simple rules, and there you have it! 4-inch figure fun that helps kids learn to enjoy our hobby!

And the T-1 and the awesome Hunter Killer are great for minis. The T-1 is not hard to find for a good price but sadly the Hunter Killer from the toy line is up there in price. But keep an eye out at yard sales and thrift shops. Sometimes when you are looking on eBay lots you can find Terminator toys mixed in that were not listed in the auction title (for example, “Lot 4″ Toys Soldiers Star Wars Spider-Man Other”). You might get lucky. I have seen lots like this go for very little with the H/K in them, just FYI. When I post some of my son’s games I’ll talk more of the places and toy company he uses for the game.

Thanks for checking in! Please let me know if you have enjoyed this blog or if I can help you in any way to build your own Terminator game. I got most of my items a good while back, years ago, for some things like the Leading Edge Terminator sets. I got a lot of them over the years. Anyhow I’m here to make a site not just for me but to get wargamers playing Terminator Miniature Wargames.

Oh BTW when you search any Terminator wargaming you will be hit by lots of Games Workshop Terminator items. They are a powerful type of Space Marine in their 40k game. I find sometimes it’s best to search images and link through to sites you see, it’s faster. Also try putting movie names in like Judgement Day, Salvation and so on.

I’m hoping YOU WILL JOIN ME MAKING THIS NEW TERMINATOR WARGAME RING THE BEST IT CAN BE. PLEASE HELP [:-|] T-600 Is asking for your kind help. Please give by making this new resource for Terminator gaming after all the new movie is coming out next year! Thanks for any help! [:-)]

IMG_8553.JPG Ohh look even our Buddy the T-1o1/ T-800 needs your help. Don’t make him beg! [:-|]



IMG_8547.JPG Hi! This last prop head is more like a zombie head. I think since the later model Terminators have real flesh, it would look and smell bad (dead cat bad as was said in the first Terminator movie). I do think it would not seem too far off if it looked very zombie-ish with its flesh decaying in places. I know in the movies and Sarah Connor Chronicles they said the flesh was fast healing. I’m thinking though it would start falling apart with a lot of damage.

Something to share you might not know, in the first movie they shot a scene where the Terminator T-1o1 was driving away from the first Sarah Connor killing and he ate a Snickers bar, wrapper and all! And Kyle told Sarah that they had to eat to keep the flesh up. He also said they had a small chicken sized blood pumping heart! ( I kid you not [:-/] ). But they took the candy bar and chicken heart story away due to it seeming a bit silly. I really want to see this scene! I wish I had the better full movies but alas I’m not in the best of health so money for such is not around. That’s why I’m going to show you some cheaper ways to make a nice T.J. Day game.

I did get a very cool Happy Meal toy just today. I’m looking to make it into a spider Hunter Killer. I’m going to show you a picture of this toy. As of my post the toy is at Mc Donald’s in the kids’ meal. It cost 2.49 for the hamburger meal. They also have big kids’ meals with more food and a bigger drink if you like. The double cheeseburger kids’ meal is very nice I think. 🙂 Or if you like you could just buy the toys. At some McDonald’s you can get toys for less than a dollar, like 79 cents! Anyhow the name of these toys are Hex Bugs. They are all kind of cool looking. But the one I see best as a Spider (over the rubble runner) is the Blue Spider #1 toy and the Purple Spider #7 toy. My son loaned me his for the picture. He is making H/K as well. They are the same toy just different colors. Anyhow get them while you can! I think you could make a really nice legged Hunter Killer. All for very low cost, less than a dollar with the food you get. I’m going to be adding search lights, 2 or 3 guns and nice red eyes, or an eye antenna. Anyhow please do get one and make something real cool and take great pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing it [;-|]

Here are pics. Sorry if they are bit hard to see. I’ll fix this later when I post the done model. I’m going to try take step by step pics of what I make. Never have done this but hope it turns out ok. [:-|]



IMG_8705-0.JPG Hi friend! I’m starting on those nice Hex Bugs. H\/K the arrow down means land vehicle. H/\K, arrow up means Air Hunter killer, water flow means water based H~K, HÂ¥K means drilling or underground Hunter Killer. I was thinking the term Tank H/K and Air H/K don’t really work that well? So a small mark to denote the purpose of the H-K is cool way to tell, like with any military unit. [:-|]

Here are some pics of the truck my wife kindly got me for our anniversary. [;-)] For you younger married guys that are close to being married, please read this little bit of advice. My wife and me were not supposed to give each other gifts. She said, let’s just pass on it due to bills, gas prices, food prices, medical bills, etc. It would be just fine Honey if you gave me a kiss and a hug for our anniversary. She looked very sweet and smiled largely. EEMMM I said thinking!?! Is this true? She wants nothing on the day of our wedding?? EEMMM Then all of the sudden WHACK on the left side of my head! It was the bad little Terminator T-1 on my shoulder that had hit me!?! He had on of all things a Bad Guy Black cowboy hat! And in a thick, low Austrian voice said, “Grey! Don’t be an idiot over what she said!! BBUUUY Yourself Something Niiiccee! Forget her, she’s fine with it! You will be happier. She will be happier, I swearrrr! Terminate this gift plan!” [:-/]. But then all of a sudden WHACK-WHACK! Two hard hits to the right side of my head! It was the Terminator T-2! He had on a white, good guy cowboy hat! “Why are you talking to him?” he said in a low, angry voice. “He is an idiot x1o1! You will be Terminated by this fool’s idea! Go buy her a gift or she will be sad and cry, and then I will cry too! [:-#]. Well that lil Terminator guy looked real mad. He likes my wife; she talks to him. 🙂 So got to thinking, yep, lil white hat T-2 was right again! So I got some nice gifts for her and what do ya know she had nice gifts for me! Man that would have been a bad day if I would have listened to the black hatted T-1. So I’m trying to tell you guys it’s better to give than not get at all. 😉 My wife is a half gamer, my son and I are working on making her a lady gamer. Not a gamer widow.

Anyhow the truck is very nice. It’s about 1/45 to 1/43 scale. It’s a blue Ford Super Cab with two opening front doors and an opening tail gate. And as a great bonus it has been weathered! Not badly if you ask me. I’ll be keeping some of this and painting over some things like the tires all tan (to show mud all over them I’m thinking) but it does not look right, so I’ll be fixing this. Anyhow here is the nice truck. [:-|]


IMG_8832.JPG This truck was gotten at CVS pharmacy on a diecast cars rack! They have a lot of really great cars, trucks, police vehicles, 4×4 vehicles and old cars like 60s, 70s, Mustangs, 50s. Just lots cool stuff. Some are 1/43, 28mm, some are 1/72, 20mm, some are 1/40. (1/32 are a bit large but if you use just 1/32 with 28mm figures I think they are ok.) Also check out Rite Aid Pharmacy; they have the same kind of diecast. If I had the cash I would buy a lot of them. The cars go for about $4.99 to $5.99 in this range but some may be higher or less. Great for Sci-Fi, Road Warrior, Modern or Zombie Games. If you get some, please post pics and where you got them. I’m sure there are many places that sell them. Thanks. [:-|]

Well, I will be posting more on the work I’m doing. Please let me know what you would like to see in this blog and I’ll try and put that up. I’ll be putting more of the items I’m building like the more modern buildings I’m working on. Also the vehicles and troops for both sides. I will do my best to put it in order for you but I tend to jump around when working on large projects. It helps to keep from getting overdone with one piece. Anyhow thanks for looking [:-|]

IMG_8226.JPG Here’s a very good close up to show us we can use 50cal. HMGs too for our Terminator game. In the 2nd movie they seem to have used converted 50cal HMGs to fire plasma. Now taking them to be real guns (not just cheap extras to do for future guns) they must have been converting these. Having been cleaned, new parts added to, removed all parts that are not right and place in new ones that still fit the look of the gun’s frame barrel housing box. Or they could have been kept normal for the must part, and just a few new bits added, and it fires plasma bullets! Or like it seemed in Teminator Salvation, the .50cal HMGs. It’s just normally a few add ons but for our use it looks the same. I’m making 3 types of 50cal HMGs for my game[:-|]

I’ve been blogging on my iPhone, so putting in a rough draft then coming back later to edit. So please be patient if you happen on some rough posts. I will get to fixing it all up when I can!