Zombie Miniature Build pt2

Hello! I’m still working on my son”s Zombie Town Buildings. His game is called UNEEDA HELP! It takes place in a small town in Ky. I’ll be posting pics for a few more days. I’ll be showing our modern terrain in hope it will give help to new gamers out there to make buildings and terrain. Some will cost very little to make. I’ll then return to my Terminator game post. [:-(),IMG_9716.PNG Thanks Frank! ( Actor James Karen in Return of the Living Dead pt1)

IMG_9222.JPG Ok now let’s get to some new Pics I WANT SEE THEM FAST! Ok El CID ok. Wow he is a pushy little doggy! He real does like to play wargames. He rolls the dice and points with his lil nose to troops he wants moved! LoL

[:-)TRIOXIN 245 First barrel with Zombie Slime guy. I made this using a 55gal blue barrel from my son’s set from Toys R Us construction set. It’s a very nice set made for them I think it was 20$ lid comes off! Slime Zboy is from Wargames Factory male Zombie set. I bent his legs up so he can fit in and come out. White top is a pull ring from an OJ carton. I love those shield-looking pull rings, use them in a lot of my builds! It’s not done yet, needs lid put on and glass view port, then painting and phone # key pad. The pics are from the movie Night of the Living Dead part one and two.

They are great movies but not all of the first one is for kids so you might have them leave the room for some naked bits of punk rock girl and there is cursing. (I myself only let my son see some of the movie. I’m good with the remote clearing of parts. I see them first then not let him see the bad stuff, that’s just my way.) [:-) Anyhow, thanks for your viewing.








IMG_9899.JPG The last item above is the Uneeda warehouse we are building. It will have 3 bathrooms (for players to get trapped in!), the head guy Bert’s Office, with his own private bathroom. The shared office of Uncle Frank and the kid has a small janitor closet also. Stairs to the basement where the TRIOXIN-245 is stored. And the floor that when done will have a lot of fun items like hanging skeletons. The basement will be done with Dwarven Forge walls. (I have come to really love their just great wargame terrain! If you have not checked them out you might do so. The best way to see their items is in person, no picture shows the real beauty of their products. I fell in love when buying sets for a friend and I got to look at them. WOW! Anyhow on the outside we will have Christmas bricks from a sheet my son got at Michael’s craft store. He also made a nice AC unit for the roof. It was his own cool idea. Well, I’ll be posting more later then I’ll return to the Terminator build.

I’m also building a WW2 Factory in 20mm for a friend. It will also have a cool terrain with it. I’ll post some pics for you. I do hope you have enjoyed my blog. Sadly I have had no replies. I no it’s not as good as some wargame blogs on here but it would be great to hear from you readers? Thanks, Greyson in Va.

IMG_9681.JPG Well night night all..ZzzZzz




IMG_9960.JPG Zombie Trailer Park Trailer. My son wanted the insides of the trailer fixed up for his game. Here are pics. He likes the way I do my skirmish games. They are a 1 to 1 scale game to the miniature. So I fix up the insides of all my buildings. From carpet to toilets to guns under pillows. It’s just the way I like to do it. [:-) Here is the Uneeda Building bit more done. Used the Christmas Brick walls for outside of building cloths pins must be put on to hold in place while drying.


IMG_9962.JPGSorry top pic is the Police Station the bottom is Uneeda building.{:-/] Here is more pictures of the Police Station. It is foam core board from the Dollar Tree. The outside is the brick sheet. Cost of this building and the Uneeda is about $3.25. I’m low on funds but I told my son I would make his game for him. He has nice police cars, trucks, cars, pickups, etc. Already with his birthday money he got some buildings for a very good price. So with the buildings and terrain I’m making he will have some great modern game items. Here are pics of PD.


IMG_0061.JPG Oh my wife and son did most of the work on the Uneeda. And my wife did work on the Police Station as well! I can’t cut straight to save my life. I’m really proud of how well they did. It’s super I think. I drew out the plans sadly maybe a tad too small on some of the rooms. I forget the miniatures are not people. Nobody has a 5ft foot ring attached to their feet (:-\), lol. But that said each room will hold at least one figure. I did cut out a lot on the PD as well but not very well 😦 I did try to make the two trailers look good on the inside. I did all the work on them making small rooms again:-( Anyhow please let me know if you wish to know anything about the terrain or the games I’m showing here. I love to help new gamers. I started a game club back in 1989 for kids to get off video games a bit and learn history, crafts, painting etc., and for new adult gamers. I have tried over the years to help newbies get miniatures and terrain cheap or even free. Some of the kids I had in the club had very little money for hobby items 😦 Our hobby is not well known. I think it’s very important for us older gamers to get new blood into the hobby. Like this little guy here, his name is El Cid. He is learning to wargame. As I have said he rolls dice and points to minis he wants moved. He gets very happy when he kills a bad guy.


IMG_0087.JPGWell here is a picture of my son’s first game he set. I’ll do an after action report and more pictures in next post. We got most of the buildings etc. done. But we still have work to do yet, the buildings, roads, street signs, graveyard, river and more. But all there seemed to have a fun game, that’s what it’s all about. The players did very well. It was the first miniature game for some. This first picture is the police road block set up just before the river on the edge of the town of Racville. These brave men did not make it sadly but they put up a good fight!




IMG_0064.JPGMore pictures of the game. You can see the green cloud of gas from the broken open Trioxin 245 barrels. I’ll start the after action report this weekend. Thanks for looking in[:-)}

IMG_9431.JPG Stupid Zombies lil mini guys … Ohh Yawn .. Zz I’ll Bite them let me tell you! Well I’m going to take a little nap first . They will be soorry stuuupid Zomboys, after my nap I’ll tell you what Zz I’m going to bitzzz..e all thoZzzzz se lil Zom Zom Zzzzz

IMG_9433.JPG EL CID likes this war hat. You see he is known to be a bit of a pirate! Here is th

IMG_0263.JPGe War Dog he just rolled 5 killing a unit in the Game Empire by MB. See the look of Power! He is a Happy tail waging Warrior of Doom to all that Challenge his Might! Yes he really dose seem to enjoy it he he will point to the doomed unit then he picks up Dice and Rolls! Then wags his tail when he rolls well. ( and he rolls well most of the time:-)


Hi! Just wanted to post some pics from my Son’s Zombie game build

Hello! A bit off the Terminator for minute. Just wanted to post the building I’m making for my son’s Zombie game. I’m cutting square foam blocks into smaller blocks to make old style stone building. It’s about 1920s style. In the story line it’s an old bar from the 20s which now belongs to a biker club. I’m building a full ground level and half second floor. It has a hidden room from old speak easy days in the middle and bathroom on the first floor, storage in the basement. It will have inside steps up to the 2nd floor, two bedrooms. Also got less than $1.50 in cloth to make US cloth flags and clothes, blankets, wall trim, and carpets for his trailer park. Here are pics.

IMG_9543.JPG Here is first pic of 1st level with Ed the Zombie for scale )/:-()

IMG_9545.JPG Its fun to do crafts with the family. Even pets can join in! Our little Wargame Dog El Cid thinks so:-)

IMG_9536.JPG That’s right, I shhhuurre do!
IMG_9547.JPG Here is my fast drawn blue print with round 20mm bases drawn for scale and size work bar and walls bathroom and it’s on the mat board. It will be covered by carpet etc. This is a cheap but slow way to make a building. I have never tried this before.

IMG_9556.JPG Here is after about 200+ blocks are in, the first floor is done as far as inside walls height and some shelves behind bar, a table for biker meetings in back. Total cost so far $1.35. Mat board was free, as were the coffee sticks for shelves and tongue depressors for bar table. Doors are not great but have a lot to do. They open, close and can be cut out later for nice real wood doors. Still need steps, main wood doors, windows, paint etc. But the hardest part is done. If you use this method do get new blades to cut the blocks in 4 bits. I’ll show blocks in bit.

IMG_9557.JPG Here we have Dead Ed and my son’s custom Ash miniature from Army of Darkness (we love that movie). They are hard at work, or Ed is anyway. Ash is telling his dead butt what to do. Both miniatures are Wargames Factory. th

IMG_9558.JPGe Here is the fabric from Walmart crafts dept. I’m using it for clothes on clothesline, carpets, wall hangings, blankets and and Old Glory. Ash had Ed wash him some pants for the night. There are some nice looking plastic ladies in the trailer park down the road/;-)



<a href="https://

IMG_9560.JPGAfter a hard day of work (Ed’s hard work) Ash is having a nice cold drink made for him by his good body errrr buddy. Ed is just happy his good friend is enjoying a cold one even though he can’t :-(. Really he is just glad Ash likes him at all and he does not have 2 12ga. slugs through his head or a chain saw blade. {=-)




IMG_9604.JPGHere are some pictures of weapons I carved off the plastic bits from the Wargames Factory for my son’s zombies. The axe is for the axe guy from Resident Evil. Very sorry about the pics, they are not real clear but the hatchet camper guy and the axe guy turned out great:-)

IMG_9561.JPGLast picture shows inside of the biker club hidden room, meeting room, bathroom, and table I am making. I will add a skull to the table. The last pics show two new zombie boys almost ready for their night on the town. I’ll be adding filler to arms and making them and I hope the biker club house look better{=-) The club house I’m hoping can be used for not just a club house but other times, places, 20s speakeasy, crude cut stone merch bar on some far off world. Like a Firefly world. In the end it will have furniture, sinks, shower, toilet, table, chairs, bottles ect. I’ll also be lining up the walls better, putting carpet down, better doors, framing out doors and windows:-) Take care! More soon. Please let me know anything I can help with.

IMG_9578.JPGI’m one year old and I voted today. (Yep, I’m a mandog now!) I also vote yes to my dad’s blog! Here is picture of one more building for my son’s game. It’s the Uneeda Medical supply Co. (from Return of the Living Dead). It is based on the building a bit but not the same.