Hi More Terminator miniatures for ( Terminator Judgment Day )

Hi! Here are some more pictures of my Terminator gaming items.





IMG_7132.JPGHello again! Here are some pictures from my Terminator game I’m working on. I’m fixing these great destroyed buildings up. This Hunter Killer is Number 0140. Heis fighting my two old M-48 Patton tanks. These older tanks were dug out of the ruins and fixed up all over the country. They were much better for repairing due to less high tech EQ. Some were found at American Legion Halls! The few Modern M1A-1s Abrams around after Judgment Day that were still usable did not last long. But there are a few here and there, very rare! Also John has older M-113 APCs and one or two M-60s. He would throw all of of his big guns to destroy this SkyNet base! Sadly most of the high-tech weapons of the world were destroyed or their tech was EMP burned out. In the Battle of the Four Horsemen I’m working on, John Conner has a few tanks that did get to this battle in L.A. to help in the attack to destroy this new SkyNet base! He lost much of his assets just getting them to the SkyNet base. But he knows something. This base could change the war if not destroyed! [:-|] Hi again! I’ll be adding some new pictures very soon! I’m working on my game terrain, miniatures and building a WW2 destroyed 20mm (1/72-1/76) factory for a friend, as well as some Napoleonic 15mm buildings, and 28mm Dark Ages buildings and 1700s farms for friends. Plus some Star Wars terrain for my son’s 28mm Star Wars:-() Poured thin as me old Papa used to say! Anyhow I owe a very late battle report for my son’s zombie game. I will post it soon, very sorry about delay. For Terminator I’m working on some buildings and some more ruined cars, also painting some humans and polishing some Terminators. I have found a way I like to do my Terminators when they have no skin, to polish them well, then blackwash them, polish more, then a little bit of red for the eyes, etc… then a nice shining clear coat. They look very nice, I think I’ll be showing you. As I have said, this is an ongoing wargame blog and I’ll be adding things in that are not Terminator. But that said most will be Terminator items. Like my stuff and stuff from my friend Mike Boynton. I was told today by another Terminator player I could add his items as well. He has very cool Winter Terminator Factory game! I’ll also be adding the links to see these great sites. I hope that as time goes on we can add more Terminator game sites. [:-|] a Merry Christmas! •<[:-|]} Just few days yet. I’m looking very forward to the new 5th Terminator movie. I saw a trailer for the first time at the new Battle of the Five Armies the Hobbit! If you have not gone it is super! Best movie in a long time! Please see it if you can! The farewell song is very cool. Mr. Jackson’s way of saying thank you and farewell! Hope he gets the keys to the Early book. Love that one book. My other dog (a big German Shepherd) is named Haun! Well, more soon! Thanks for looking, bye now {];-(,) Goblin, have to work on that one. Plz feel free to leave better Gobo face lol! But the movie had mostly high level orcs! Still very good though. The White Wizard kicked butt!! As did the White Council!!Hi guys hope you are Having A Happy New Years Day?:-) Hey just wanted you to let you know got some more Great Terminator G.M.s to let me ad some Pictures and even what looks to be Great set of Easy Playable Rules on a PDF for Free! All Real nice guys I spoke to:-) I’ll be adding them and their own sites to bring us band of small T.J.D. Gamers to the front as your helpers and contacts for a Great Miniature game.That for some reason is Not being made yet by big Company? I’m not sure why this is,may be the rights cost to much. But I have heard that miniature game companies don’t think there is the Interest in the Miniature/ RPG world? I think this is very wrong! If I could I would try get the rights myself it’s got so much to offer the Mini/ RPG Gaming world! Over the next week or so ( I’m not good a Putting stuff on here I’m new to it so please bear with me ) I’ll be adding the Pictures Rules sites and more of my TJD builds So please keep checking back . And if you are a Terminator player please leave us your post! Have a Very Happy Weekend! •{[:-/)] Terminator warring a Funny hat and blower thing)) Hello I’m sorry I’m not well I’ll be adding some new folks pics and sites for you very soon when I’m better. I ask you to please check back . If you run a Terminator miniature game please leave comments to join the ring . HI GUYS SORRY I HAVE BEEN SICK I HAVE ON GOING RATHER BAD ILLNESS. I ‘LL BE BACK NEXT WEEK AND HAVE NEW PICTURES OF MY STUFF AND OTHERS PLEASE CHECK BACK MAYBE THIS WEEKEND. Thanks [:-|]


New Terminator Pictures from my Friend’s site.

Hi posting some new Terminator Miniature Game ( T.M.G.) pictures from my friend Mike Boynton’s site. He has done a great job building his Terminator Judgement Day ( T.J.D.) future war game. He was the first one I saw making T.M.G. games online.






IMG_0390.JPG Hey, I love Mike’s detail here. Note the real nice white VW Bug in Pic#1, next we have a super nice gun car, it looks like you can take the gun out and put a guy in to man the gun! I need to ask him if they are magnetized? [:-)] More soon. Thanks for looking! The Exit sign is very nice add on here!




IMG_0396.JPGHere are some great painted Terminators by Mike. They are getting ready to attack his TechCom forces. He has a nice Hunter Killer Tank. I think it is a Hollywood Collectables model. They did great stuff! Their large Hunter Killer Tank (H. K.) was super! It even has working lights! They are pricey now but there is a great tank by Pegasus models you can get for about $50+ on a good deal. I know this is high but if you can find the other stuff cheap then use the tank as a centerpiece, that way it’s a better deal. There are some other models out there until a miniature wargame company buys the rights to Terminator. Even then I’m thinking it will not be cheap due to the size. The smaller Hunter Killer tanks work great, and they can still be found for good prices! I’ll post a picture.



<img src="https://The first item is the very nice Playmates Hunter Killer called T-1 Tank.

IMG_1078.JPG This tank can still be found new for under $15 on Ebay and the like. It makes a great Sci-Fi AI tank for other games. Also if you can find a fair number of them you can take off the upper housing and use it as AI Gun Turret as seen at the Prison Camp at SkyNet HQ in Terminator Salvation. Make the lower track section into other SkyNet vehicles. I’m making some Support Artillery. And a Reaper Hunter Killer from Terminator Nightmares. By cutting the bigger Terminator Trooper in half and putting him on the lower part of the T-1. I’ll be showing how to do this in the near future. The next item is the Black Steel Flying Hunter Killer. I use this lovely piece as a Terminator Assault Troop Gunship. It opens in the front and looks like it would hold a full squad of Terminator ground troops and two AI bikes or some of my other mini tanks etc… It can be found around $25 to $40 new. One of these is a nice item if repainted (or not) for 28mm Sci-Fi use like drop ship or assault gunship etc… The last item is a very easy to find pack that has great Hydrobot Terminator. I got a lot of these cheap at Dollar Tree. Another great Sci-fi miniature item for other games!

IMG_1072-2.JPGWell, more next time! Hope your Holidays will be great and Merry Christmas! •{[:-)]} Terminator with Little Santa hat and beard wishing you Happy Christmas!

IMG_1085.JPG Hello! This is an alert! If you see this little dog guy he is not to be trusted 😦 I’m sorry to say El CID the Pirate is now El CID the Cheeze Puffs Bandit! And he does not care who knows it! Protect your wargame snacks from little dogs and cats! This is his sidekick, Mr. Bigglesworth. He is also a Thief! They worked as a team and got the Puffs! It was a very sad day for the Village 😦 [:-|]


IMG_0408.JPG Here are more of Mike’s great Terminator miniatures. Here are some TechCom. These are the old Terminator Leading Edge miniatures. You can still find them on Ebay and other sites. They can be a good price but a lot of the time they are bit high. That said, I still think they are the best for your core force. If you can just get a few for your main force then add others like the nice Copplestone Miniatures. They are sized a bit different, but you can mount the your Leading Edge a little bit higher. This works fine I think. If you want nice Terminator, he guy that made the Leading Edge Terminator is the same that made the Reaper miniatures that look like them. I think he owns the company. I use them both + others like the Coppelstones. I’ll be adding sites and proper names of the minis soon so you can find the items. I have any and all that look right to make a nice big army. I have my own model numbers. They are not far off from other Terminator movies, books, etc… But they are my own list. I’ll be putting that out as I go along.


IMG_0407.JPGMore TechCom with our hero John Conner with field glasses! Mike is a great painter! Check out more of his super work. The contact is on the front page of my blog.


IMG_0402.JPGMore great miniatures from Mike’s items. Terminators and the hero T-1o1 T-800 and Sarah and a young John Conner. Also Doctor Silverman from the first 3 movies (he is a very funny guy). In the Sarah Conner Chronicles he is a bit off his rocker:-) Man that Miss Hamilton Sarah, she is the hottest leading Sci -Fi lady in movie history! (Just my two cents, I think she is still a very lovely lady and very nice to her fans! I really want to see her and Mike B. back in the movies. It’s very easy to bring the dead back with time travel. [;-)]

IMG_1076.JPG Hey guys I’m sorry I forgot to post this, but I wanted to thank the heroes of WW2 on Dec. 7th 2014, he 14 becomes a 41. My family and I went to the National D-Day memorial in Bedford, Virginia. It was a lovely day to honor our heroes there. If you get a chance please go. Our standing president stopped some funding going there. The site really needs money; it came close to closing! They asked for federal funds but as I said none were given! Please support it if you can. And all our historical sites. Too many people in this land couldn’t care less about history! I think that is one of the best things wargaming has done, it has helped keep the past alive in a fun way. It really helps get young people interested in history. Please get a young person in to our hobby, we need them to carry on history. Thanks 🙂

IMG_0691.JPG National D- Day Memorial Sunday 16:30 7th December 2014. God bless all that died in that war that had no evil in their hearts! And mercy for the ones that did! Thank you, to my father, my uncles, my cousins, and to my Uncle Bud! His stories and my dad’s are the best because my son heard them too:- ) And thank you to all the old heroes, alive and dead. I could not go to Pearl Harbor so this was a great place on that nice winter day!






IMG_0412.JPGIn this line of pictures we see some super destroyed cars. Below we have Mike’s space saving post-apocalyptic buildings that fold up!! Great space savers! I know he used velcro. I think he tells more how to make them in his site. Thanks for viewing! •