Hello folks ! I’m very sorry I have been off. I hope I have folks returning I can’t tell unless you say something. I would love to know if you enjoy this blog? So if you could please just put little note letting me know? Anyhow I have been ill:-( I am trying to start back now. Anyhow today I have an item you guys might look for. It was get well gift gotten at the Tractor Supply Store. It’s very nice about 1/42 1/48 28mm large Diecast/plastic Simi Garbage Truck by New Ray Toys! It is great for Modern games. It’s also great for Post Apocaliptic games like the New Fury Road MAD MAX movie coming out. ( note if this does well they HAVE TO PUT MEL IN NEXT ONE WHAT THE HICK ARE THEY THINKING! The guy said some stupid stuff ( don’t we all break down sometimes?) Anyway back to truck it will be great I think as an Mod. APC thats what I’ll be making it in to. It will be cool cause some 28mm Miniatures can fit in the back. And the back opens up. Here are pictures of truck.




IMG_2174.JPG Well there she is big girl as you can see by my friends Great Miniature From his Super nice line of 28mm Viking,Norman,Saxon,peasant, line of Dark ages and medieval figs. I put him to give some idea of scale. He is great flag bearer ! If you want to know who makes them drop me a line I’ll forward it to the Maker.He is getting up and running again after years of him and his lovely wife serving Nation in the War on Terror. Real nice fellow super good miniatures lots of lines to come. Anyway the truck is from Tractor Supply Store they are in Va. And other states I think. Anyway they do not carry this model all year so it was Diecast for Xmas toys. My friend told me it was $9.99 normal then he saw yellow price of $6.99 But it is selling out for $4.99 this is a great price for this large Diecast truck. I went and got one for my sons Zombie games. He loved it. It goes great with his vehicles that are from 1/55 to 1/40 and all in between 28mm scale. And the Dollar General had some great 1/48 cars in Diecast for Xmas . As of this post on 5.Feb 2015 you can still find Xmas close outs in many places for low prices. Great time if you have little ex cash to get few things after Xmas like Xmas trees, walls, light post sometimes nice buildings and Diecast that were just for selling at Xmas. Look around tell me if you find anything good. Not just for Terminator games. Good Luck! I’ll post pics later on of Garbage truck when done.Im going to start posting the other Terminator sites ASAP in week or so maybe this weekend if I can. [:-)]


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