Terminator Wargameing Room 28mm

Hello Terminator wargame fans. Just got some good news friend just sold me bunch of very rare old Leading edge miniatures in 25mm 28mm they are bit in between. I got a packs of heavy 100watt humansI have changed the term of Watts. 100watts 40 watts was never made clear why they said this very low wattage! I must think this is the priming charge of the weapon not the real power! I call them in my game Higher watt I made up that SkyNet a new wattage term is not a mega watt nor and plane old watt. Its Kelda Rad Watt. Its a a very high wattage of the weapon. So I call the 40 KR watts 50 KR 60 KR watts etc… Anyhow is very nasty it is just called watts for short sometimes. Hey guys if you have a Terminator miniature or Role play please send us link. I’ll be posting links and pics from other players this week. Hey if you make Post Apocalyptic terrain for games would love to see it. I want to ad sellers to our site like nice guy on ebay selling wargame painted Ready for gaming Flying hunter killer!well more pics very soon and info for buying some very rare leading edge miniatures! [:-|]


IMG_2404.JPG Here is new item I got for my Birthday a few of these. They are Robots from the Star Wars miniature game made by Wizards of the Coast. I do think of all their games they did the best job on this! This little jewel is perfect for my Terminator (Death Factory)these will be Mid speed Hvy armor but need a smother road or flatter surface to run on. Tho they will be able to do some climbing over big Rubble but not fast or well! They will be a Warbot not Smart as a Terminator but big hard to kill for Security duty or some scouting or stand up Battle bot. Its cheap for me to get its was little less then a $1.00 I was told. ( was gift) You can’t beat that for a Wargamer with not a lot of money anymore:-) it was gotten on Ebay its Star Wars Miniature Fringe #32 E522 ASSASSIN DROID. In my game he looks like he can have good mixed bag of weapons. I’ll have him having a flamethrower in right arm or an MG like .30 cal and two 50 KR wAtt plasma guns and the left arm a 75KR watt rapid fire plasma gun or a mid field Laser!he could spin around ( Having what could be small face plate in back or radar etc… ) and be used for light mortar support light a 50mm/ or 40mm grenades he has 4 of them tho the ammo would go fast even with ceaseless rounds! Or they could just be smoke stacks. His arms an flip to! Amor would be bit little in rear or not as you see fit in your games. Anyhow he’s great Silver guy! The Star Wars bots and humans with tech guns are great for a cheaper fun Terminator game and already painted:-) If you are light on the scratch go buy this little guy in a Batch! Oh No my Cookie?!?


IMG_2215.JPG :,-( why El CID Why?!? Look at that face saying who cares Dadems! Its in my Little belly now! Pure sinister look like mad Dog Doctor evil look! Or a Crazy Bandito from south of the boarder never caring who he might make sad!

IMG_2211.JPG Oh my El CID the look of a tiny puppy not and evil Bandito at all??? Now I find myself saying its ok Poor little guy?!? What just happened here?? These pictures are real my wife was taking pic of him sitting she turn around to take a drink looked back the last little part of my cookie was in his mouth as he is jumping away from the seen of the crime she then took the next one of him Finishing the last little bit of my poor cookie! Then I sat him up asked why ?He gave me a look like Ren from Ren and Stimpy when he did the big soulful puppy eyes as you the judges can see clearly … Then me not ever being able to be mad at this little bunko artist for some crazy reason he then licked my face and looked so sad he has suffered to much I all ready. I did raze my voice a little I feel so bad I gave him pice of stake to make up for my barbering behavior…… What the heck just happened here its like an X file he did it again…. [;-)]


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