TERMINATOR M -48 Patton Tank! And WW2 1/48 28mm tanks! Post Apocalyptic war game!

Hello Folks I’m getting back on track now after rather bad illness. I was in bad Chemical accident years ago and have on going bad illness. So it takes me out sometimes. Anyhow back on topic. I was giving a nice get well gift while back and I want to share it with you all . These are super nice snap toe kits for a little game that Revell models came up. There are 3 so far I really hope they ad more! These are great 1/48 -28mm scale tanks. If you are a WW-2 28mm Wargamer they are a God send! There price runs about $8.00 US to $9.99 US they can be found a Walmart of all places there is the M-48 Patton, M-4 sherman, very hard to find Panzer IV! They go great beside my other WW-2 tanks a and my M-48 Pattons Spot on! If you are like me when few years back I tried to find good priced WW-2 tanks in 28mm 1/48 1/45 even 1/50 1/55 etc… I could not find much at all:-( and when did it was not good price. These new snap ties are Great I think! Detail is good not super but good a little primer a repaint BAME! WW-2 or Cold War tanks. Very easy to snap together! Make few paper tent roles or Blankets etc… Add Jerry can or two and you add little cammo or Od Green wargame you have very nice tanks a Company of 5 $50.00 dollars ! That’s not bad cause some WW-2 some good diecast cost more then that for one! Any how Great buy get em at Walley World ( AKA Wall-mart) or local hobby model shops. Mine were gotten at Hobby Lobby Great cool things can be found there they have lot of sells I was told mine only cost $8.00 bucks!! On sale $40 bucks for 5 guys Wow not bad deal at all. Check em out they have lot cool sales Hobby Lobby! So if you got sell and just got 2 tanks two German Panzer 4s and two US/ Brit M-4 a side aside for $32.00 US great price just a little paint some add ons or not your fighting 28mm tank battle same day! Or get one two or 5 M-48 tanks some US Inf. Or Allis and some VC or NVA your fighting on the Jungle roads or Fire bases or Streets of Vietnam in No time! Go get em Pattons! Anyhow I digress very sorry. Not going down range again:-( Anyhow this is about a post Apocalyptic Terminator Game! Oh by the way speaking of post Apocalyptic games this tank would be great for Twilight2000 or Road warrior or even Tank girl if you like that and my favorite a Zombie or Gamma world maybe! Anyhow I have talked to much here are before after pics also I’ll show other tanks they make.


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IMG_2603-0.JPG Ok the top two are the Panzer IV .Next is the M-4 sherman. The last two are the M-48 in out of package. Next you will see it almost ready for the Terminator Wargame. The reason I am using some of the M-48 Patton and M-60 and not many M-1 A-1 Tanks is do to them being lower on the tech Scale. And the Tanks are not as likely to have been on bases hit by Nukes. I’m saying in the Game that John Conner and others in the resistance found these tanks and are using them to shell small Terminator bases after clearing the sky’s of hunter Killers. The tanks will be a help to the New human army’s across the USA and Can. In Can. They used the Leopard tanks and some of these. Anyhow here is my first M-48 tank[:-|]





IMG_2594.JPG Here is the M-48 I painted it using rust and mud, dusty weathering I place some heavy MG stitching on the left side. Added rust to holes a bit to look as it had happened a while ago. Maybe it was a fight with Terminators maybe with the Crazed human W.A.S.H. (Warriors Against Stagnant Humanity) that fight with the machines! I also took baby wipes cut them up rolled them in white Elmer’s glue to make tents or camo covers. I then wanted a thick future looking netting so I cut the front off some 1×1 and. 2X2 band aids. And painted them OD green or camo. I liked the name and the skull with wrenches behind it on the turret so I left them and the # on back up turret. I turn out Great I think and tho it will die fast it might get off a few AP rounds on a Hunter Killer tank or Other targets in the Dark world of the Future. Well pick some of these nice tanks up for Terminator, WW2, Vietnam, or any future Wargames. [:-|]


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