Hi here are few New bits for my Terminator miniature Wargame. I just got the from a Friend who makes Great Terrain for all scales. I’ll post his info. Soon with other folks to check both selling things and making Terminator games themselves. I’m sorry I am back logged a bit but I will post all I have promised to post and much more:-) Anyhow here are the rubble bits my son got most of these for his games. They are great for many times and scales. Here is all in one shot!

IMG_3367.JPG As you can see here is a picture of all 5 bits. They were great price my son Payed $3 each and 5th was free! He gave his old man two for my Birthday:-) He got the row of creates for his Vietnam 20mm Wargame. He wanted to use them and wants to build a Firebase. He loves the war because he has talked to many Great Men and Women from the war. He like myself have a Big Respect for those guys! It was a Very hard war. Anyhow the row could also be used for his 20mm Zulu wars and his 28/15mm World War 2 and his WW1 20mm aswell as his 28/15mm CSA/USA Civll war. He does lot of times like me he also loves and has lot of the old 1/32 miniature Soldiers from lots times these could be nice small creates from those times aswell he loves his Alamo most. We are going to paint them up together and get rules. If you know of some Good Vietnam 20mm and Alamo good simple rules Please rip note here Thanks!:-) Here are more pics of the rubble items.




IMG_3370.JPGLast two Pics are the ones my Son game me for my Terminator gave.They are very cool modern rubble they also would go with future Terrain!