Terminator Post Apocalyptic Road Warrior Cars Trucks

Hi next post is is for cars and trucks of very dark futures.





IMG_5526.PNGHey this my WASH Truck. These are the bad guys that are crazy and help SkyNet kill fellow humans. They trade intel for food and safety. The Soldiers of John Conner will shoot these guys on sight! So they build up cars and trucks they find and arm and armor them to fight with fellow humans. These crazy men and women will poison, mislead and outright kill any humans they can for rewards. Their leader is a large man by the name of Gore! He chose the Red Skull to help ID and protect his group from Terminators.


IMG_5515.PNG Here is one of the W.A.S.H. Cars. This one has heavy Ram Spikes. Heavier Armor on the driver side.


IMG_5522.PNG This W.A.S.H. Car has Death riding in the back seat. The Items used on these vehicles are Plastic H and I beams used for Model Making. They can be had on the Net and a Crafts Stores. I like to use Hobby Lobby. They have great sales, but I’m sure they can be found or ordered at other Craft Stores. Some of the armor is Plastic sheets from same place. I also use other bits of plastic like lids and bottoms of Chinese food dishes that hold Sauces and other foods. I also have found in stores like Walmart and Kmart you can find clothes Hangers that can go well for H and I beams. Also some plastic forks spoons knives can look a lot like U beams or even H and I beams! If you look around you can add to your Bits Box without much trouble[:-)]





IMG_5538.PNG This last car is my favorite of the bunch. This car is a heavy armor car. It has a road clearer on the front of H beams. It also has Armor all around. It has a window hatch that opens on the driver side. And it also has a 25mm machine shop made by milling the steel. It can hurt or Destroy a Terminator if the gunner is good at his job! It has a 7 shot mag. This car is sadly not really an off road car, she is too heavy and can only go about 57mph at best. But her paint is from a US Air force base and is harder for the machines to see her at night! She does have a pop up AA missile from the truck only one! It’s in its own armor case. The driver of this car has had family killed by the W A S H so he has placed a very Large White Skull. This has become a Anti W A S H symbol. No taking them Alive! He also has a Magnet Black cover for the Skull this gives it a bit more Camo. Thanks for looking, more to come soon. [:-|] Hi Again:-) I just got a nice 28mm 1/48. -1/43 1/50 and 1/72 1/64 car Junk lot off eBay for 10$. These will be used to add to my Ruined Cars, my 1920s 30s cars, trucks for both ruined and fixed up. And my post apocalyptic Ruined and Armed up Terminator and Road Warrior stuff. Also got two real nice WW2 VWBugs to make into Command and Recon cars. The nice thing about this lot is I have not gotten any new stuff for while due to medical bills and other bills so it was a Great Gift. Sadly they mostly don’t have tires but I’ll work on that:-)


In a Post-Apocalyptic World, You May Have To Turn To Theft!

In the world of Skynet’s Terminators, you may have to steal to survive!!!

<img src="https://southavenwargames.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/img_3425.jpg” alt=”IMG_3425.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” /> First, come out of your hiding place. Even if you’re still a little sleepy!


IMG_2418.JPG Look around! Be aware!

IMG_8126-0.JPG Hey, what was that noise?!? Look out! It’s a Hunter Killer in search mode!!!

IMG_2436.JPG Hide fast!


IMG_2420.JPGNow, make sure the coast is clear!

<a href="https://

IMG_3881-0.PNG Watch out! Crazy W. A. S.H. might be about! (Warriors Against Stagnant Humanity, the guys that help SkyNet for food and to live.)

IMG_2428.JPG Ok, they’re gone! Close one! All right, now search for food.

IMG_1134.JPG Oh look! It’s El Gato the Stinky! He leads a gang of post apocalyptic cats. Hey what’s that? HE HAS FOOD! You must make a plan to get it. I know you must be smarter then some old stinky kitty!?

IMG_4449.JPGI can do it! I’m El Cid the mighty! And I’m the handsome hero type! All the girl dogs love me! I must get them, but mostly me, some food!

IMG_5226.JPG WOW what luck! El Gato the Stinky and his cat gang have left the food unguarded! Now is my chance!

IMG_1123-0.JPG Look out! El Stinky was waiting! It’s a trap!

IMG_1125-0.JPGTime to take out the Stinky Kitty! Take that! (BLAMO)

IMG_4448.JPGAnd that! (BAMMM!)

IMG_5203.JPGGot him! Now take the food and run!

IMG_5202.JPGRun! RUN! What’s that noise behind you? Why did you drop that lovely cookie…….?


IMG_3423.JPG Don’t scream, it won’t help! What is it?? Ooooh No! It’s its it’s a Mutant Rat thing!!!

IMG_3429.JPGWhat are you doing man??? Don’t cry. That won’t help ether! I DON’T CARE! I want my Mama. :..-(

IMG_5292.PNGWow he is an ugly one!!! Can’t fight him! Just grab the whole bag of cookies and run for your little life!

IMG_5215.JPGGot them, now run! Run RUN!

IMG_3817-0.JPGOur hero El Cid having outrun the awful rat thing, lays back for a nice meal of nice post war cookies YUMM YUMMM. He of course did give some to his lady friends, a very little some.

IMG_4455.JPG Now our dear little hero, having gotten through another hard day in a dark future, settles in for a nice little nap. And now you know some tips on how to to survive in a Terminator world!