In a Post-Apocalyptic World, You May Have To Turn To Theft!

In the world of Skynet’s Terminators, you may have to steal to survive!!!

<img src="” alt=”IMG_3425.JPG” class=”alignnone size-full” /> First, come out of your hiding place. Even if you’re still a little sleepy!


IMG_2418.JPG Look around! Be aware!

IMG_8126-0.JPG Hey, what was that noise?!? Look out! It’s a Hunter Killer in search mode!!!

IMG_2436.JPG Hide fast!


IMG_2420.JPGNow, make sure the coast is clear!

<a href="https://

IMG_3881-0.PNG Watch out! Crazy W. A. S.H. might be about! (Warriors Against Stagnant Humanity, the guys that help SkyNet for food and to live.)

IMG_2428.JPG Ok, they’re gone! Close one! All right, now search for food.

IMG_1134.JPG Oh look! It’s El Gato the Stinky! He leads a gang of post apocalyptic cats. Hey what’s that? HE HAS FOOD! You must make a plan to get it. I know you must be smarter then some old stinky kitty!?

IMG_4449.JPGI can do it! I’m El Cid the mighty! And I’m the handsome hero type! All the girl dogs love me! I must get them, but mostly me, some food!

IMG_5226.JPG WOW what luck! El Gato the Stinky and his cat gang have left the food unguarded! Now is my chance!

IMG_1123-0.JPG Look out! El Stinky was waiting! It’s a trap!

IMG_1125-0.JPGTime to take out the Stinky Kitty! Take that! (BLAMO)

IMG_4448.JPGAnd that! (BAMMM!)

IMG_5203.JPGGot him! Now take the food and run!

IMG_5202.JPGRun! RUN! What’s that noise behind you? Why did you drop that lovely cookie…….?


IMG_3423.JPG Don’t scream, it won’t help! What is it?? Ooooh No! It’s its it’s a Mutant Rat thing!!!

IMG_3429.JPGWhat are you doing man??? Don’t cry. That won’t help ether! I DON’T CARE! I want my Mama. :..-(

IMG_5292.PNGWow he is an ugly one!!! Can’t fight him! Just grab the whole bag of cookies and run for your little life!

IMG_5215.JPGGot them, now run! Run RUN!

IMG_3817-0.JPGOur hero El Cid having outrun the awful rat thing, lays back for a nice meal of nice post war cookies YUMM YUMMM. He of course did give some to his lady friends, a very little some.

IMG_4455.JPG Now our dear little hero, having gotten through another hard day in a dark future, settles in for a nice little nap. And now you know some tips on how to to survive in a Terminator world!


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